Pregnancy Tests


We offer free urine pregnancy tests to all new clients. 

Birthing Classes


We want our client to be prepared for the days leading up to the actual birth of the child, and for the birthing process. Client advocates will spend one on one time guiding the clients through their various parenting options and the effects they can have. 

Sexual Health Classes

Acts of Hope employees and trained volunteers spend time in local public schools teaching "Concepts of Sexual Health," a curriculum approved by the state of Arkansas to teach the effects of premarital sex on the whole person, not just the physical consequences. 

Abortion Recovery Classes


We want to help men and women overcome the emotional, psychological, and spiritual difficulties that are often experienced after an abortion. 

Parenting Classes


We offer parenting classes to each client and one guest. (This guest may be the father or another adult who will be aiding the client in the parenting process.) The classes will begin with prenatal care and cover childbirth and child-rearing through toddler years. 

While going through these lessons, our clients have the opportunity to "Earn While They Learn." They earn points which can be used to buy maternity and infant items at our store. These items help get ready for the arrival of their baby and can help supply some needs after birth. Donations are always welcome for new infant care supplies and infant clothing up to 24 months. 

Grief Support for Miscarriage and Stillbirths. 


We walk clients, who are dealing with the loss of their children, through a devotional book, "Grieving the Child I Never Knew."